Hat Factory Changes Name (Again)…Sort Of…Maybe…

hatrvaEver since Toad’s Place closed down and changed to the Hat Factory, the sometimes-music-venue-sometimes-club keeps going in and out of the spotlight leaving many people to keep thinking it’s closed. The venue has changed to Epic Theatre, then back to Hat Factory, then looked like it was closed, then back open without a whole lot of fanfare or promotion. Both Hat Factory and Epic Theatre’s websites go to dead pages.

Now, it looks like the place has changed its name yet again. This time to RVA Theatre. The Hat Factory’s Facebook page (which is still being updated semi-regularly) shows some remodeling has been done and from the looks of things, their club nights are usually packed. There’s also another Facebook page for Hollywood RVA Production, which lists the same address and promotes the venue’s shows. RVA Theatre and Hat Factory are being used interchangeably and it’s all still really confusing.

Apparently Juicy J is performing there this weekend (although I can’t find much promotion of this from Hat Factory, just through other outside sources).

So not sure if the name is changing officially or just for certain events. If the space is hosting music shows again, that’s a great thing. I’d love for the Hat Factory to be on par with the National. Toad’s Place was always good about getting well known acts to compete for attention. Ever since it reopened as the Hat Factory, it’s been struggling to find its place. Hopefully, they figure it out soon and we’ll get some great acts playing there again.


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