Gallery 5 and RVA Magazine Celebrate 9th Anniversary

rvamagg5Art gallery/music venue Gallery 5 and outlet for all things that are artsy and underground RVA Magazine will both be celebrating 9 years of bringing great art and music to Richmond.

In 2005, a group of artists came together with a desire to change the artistic landscape of Richmond by providing a physical space to showcase all the amazing things RVA’s diverse creative community shares with the city. And in April of that year, the oldest standing firehouse in Virginia was reborn as Gallery 5 and opened its doors with the RVA Magazine Kickoff event.

Ever since, Gallery 5 has been home to all types of music, art showings, comedy shows, burlesque, dance nights, benefit dinners, panel discussions and a whole lot more that would take 9 years just to list.

Gallery 5 and RVA Magazine have both been pioneers of getting Richmond where it needs to be as an artistic and creative city. The people behind these groups are tireless supporters of the art scene and we would not be where we are today creatively without them.

Celebrate the monumental occasion at Gallery 5 on April’s First Friday. New visual work by Amanda Robinson, Parker Galore, Bizhan Khodabandeh, Nicholas Crider, Todd Raviotta, Kevin Orlosky, James Robertson, Kim Nario, Ben May, Shawn Saharko, Ian Gamble and Laura Hernandez will be on display. Art on Wheels will be debuting their newly built ballista for the Veteran’s Impact Project and RVA Dance Collective will preform several improv dances.

The night will also feature music from Sleepwalkers, The Blue and The Grey and Goldrush as well as a live street show featuring fire performances, circus and DJ tunes from the Party Liberation Front.

Happy birthday, Gallery 5/RVA Mag! Here’s to 9 more years!


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