Celebrate Record Store Day with Live Music and Exclusive Releases at RVA’s Record Stores


Saturday, April 19 is the 7th annual Record Store Day, a celebration of the unique culture of independent record stores. More than 2,000 stores participate worldwide and record labels participate by contributing freebies and special releases.

I can’t even begin to list all the various exclusives you can find at each store. You can find all that info here or at your favorite record store. Plan your day accordingly because most releases are on a first-come-first-served basis.

The night before all the festivities, Ipanema will be hosting at Record Store Day Eve DJ Night on Friday, April 18 featuring DJ sets from Deep Groove employees along with staff picks from Steady Sounds, Vinyl Conflict and Plan 9.

Plan 9 Music will be offering more than 400 limited edition releases, and will be hosting an early afternoon in-store appearance by The Orwells, who will also be playing XL102’s Chili Cook Off, as well as Eric Hunter & the Distractions and WRIR DJs. Plan 9 will have all sorts of RSD exclusives and rarities on hand for sale.

Steady Sounds always has a wide variety of Record Store Day releases. WRIR DJs Mike Murphy (Mellow Madness), Michael Miracle (Lotus Land), Carl Hamm (playing tracks off his RSD release “Pop Yeh Yeh”) and Paul Ivey will be spinning tracks all day. Naked Baby will perform a live set in the afternoon. As evening sets in, Sister Goldenhaze (Bump In The Night), Mr. Felty (SOULPOWER) and Kevin Longendyke from The Shirks and The Ar-Kaics will also be DJing. Treats will be provided for those who come early.

Deep Groove will have a ton of vinyl exclusives. They’ve created a special website to keep track of everything at deepgrooversd.tumblr.com.

Although BK Music recently left its space on Midlothian Turnpike, the record store has a new location and will be open for Record Store Day. Their new location is in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center, and the store promises to have plenty of Record Store Day exclusives available.

Vinyl Conflict and Turnstyle will be participating in Record Store Day, but they will be focused on the releases. But you should still stop by and check them out.


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