RVA Playlist Birthday Party Wrap Up and A Big Thank You


There’s way too many people to thank for making the RVA Playlist 4th Birthday Party a total success. I cannot even begin to thank all of you who came out last night. Every year, I’m surprised by the turnout, but this year was by far the most crowded. The place was packed with so many people enjoying music and I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. I can’t remember all the people who were there last so if you attended the event, thank you so much.

Hilary Langford
My Darling Fury (Photo by Hilary Langford)

Major thanks go out to the Camel for being one of the best music venues in Richmond and once again hosting the event.

Thank you to Vexine for starting the night off with a bang, My Darling Fury for making everyone get up and move and The Trillions for finishing the night off strong.

Thank you to Matt Klimas for another amazing poster.

Thank you yet again to The Cheats Movement for taking photos of the bands. #WESEEIT

Thank you to Kim Shook for yet another delicious cake (That thing went fast!). And thank you to RVA Beermeister for making the Lickinghole Creek Farmers Market Saison for the event.

Thank you to all the bloggers and music sites including You Hear ThatSounds of RVARVA MagazineThe Richmond Scene, RVA NewsFan of the Fan and Style Weekly for all the promotion, interviews and getting the word out.

The Trillions

And lastly, I’d like to thank all of you who read this site, those who retweeted links, those spammed friends on Facebook, those who sent me messages about how excited you were, those who harassed friends into showing up, those who came to the party even though thry had to catch early morning flights and everybody who braved the rain and showed up for a show when they could have been doing something else that evening. It seriously meant the world to me.

Already planing for Year 5!


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