A ‘Finer’ Performance at GlobeHopper Coffee

The band Finer is a married couple that plays psychedelic-fused electro pop punk that’s bee described as Animal Collective meets No Doubt. Finer will be performing June 2 at GlobeHopper Coffeehouse.

Finer are Stacy and Ethan – married to each other and married to their music. And only that kind of crazy love can produce a sound as engaging, unapologetic, and free as the music they make. Their distinct electronic pop rock sound came together when Stacy and Ethan met at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. Ever since, they’ve been taking Stacy’s heartfelt, earthy vocals and guitar and Ethan’s unbelievable bass on the road, touring up and down the East Coast, in the South, and throughout the Midwest.  They detoured along the way so Ethan could teach jazz at IUPUI and play bass for the Grammy winning Assad brothers and family.  Now that they’ve sold their house, and gotten rid of anything that wouldn’t fit in their car, they are on the road delivering critically acclaimed performances throughout the United States.


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