Monday Music Roundup – June 9

nerveleakSam Friedman, who has been playing everywhere in Richmond with jam-band Schak and most recently, Floodwall, has been producing indie, electronic music under the alias Nerve Leak. For the song “Snow/Sun,” Nerve Leak recorded a fragment of a falsetto vocal melody over jazzy acoustic guitar chords, and broke it apart across layers of moving electronic percussion, driving sub-bass, and washing ocean-like sounds. The track takes several turns, juxtaposing elements of indie-rock with dubstep breakdowns—like the juxtaposition of back-to-back snow and sun.

mosafrenCheck out the newest mixtape from Mo Safren, who recently moved to Richmond. It includes all covers dating back to the 70s including Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale.”

will+bollinger++the+spiders+will+bollingerWill Bollinger (from Will Bollinger & the Spiders and Winston Cup 1981) has been in Richmond for a while since moving from nearby Charlottesville and writes instrumental music on solo bass. He recently released his new album called “Bring Your Pen.”

featureless-ghost-with-bookElise Tippins, formerly of the Atlanta synthwave duo Featureless Ghost, is new to Richmond and performing and producing electronic music under her new solo project Claire. She recently released an new EP entitled “Perfume,” which is a haunting collection of ambient tracks.

finnallyHip hop artist Finnally is new to Richmond and delivering some amazing sounds of his new mixtape “The Art of Not Being Shit.”

a2509059663_2WolfMan is a four-piece hardcore/punk band out of Richmond who have been playing together for about 10 months. They have a demo out now and


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