WRIR and Commonwealth of Notions Presents 4

commonwelathofnotions4Shannon Cleary of WRIR’s Commonwealth of Notions is presenting the fourth installment of “Commonwealth of Notions Presents,” a multi-night event featuring numerous local bands performing unique and intriguing sets.

This year, Cleary will be hosting five nights of live performances spread across the city at five different venues.

On July 17, the event will kick things off at Balliceaux with Todd Herrington’s Things and Microwaves. July 18 features Avers, Sundials, Lightfields, Hot Dolphin and Clair Morgan performing at Strange Matter. On July 19, Steady Sounds will host Photosynthsizers, Close Talker and Patrick Bates. Later that night, Commonwealth of Notions will be returning to Gallery 5 with The Snowy Owls, Heavy Midgets, The Awesome Few, MUTWAWA, Anousheh, Nick Woods and Tarrant. And to close things out on July 20, Commonwealth of Notions takes over the Live at Ipanema series with Hypercolor and My Sister My Daughter

Go support this show when it comes. Every year, Shannon Cleary brings together some incredible local talent and gets better every year.


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