The Hospitable Duo of Manotti & Chance

clubhomeHip hop artist Chance Fischer and DJ Manotti da Vinci recently collaborated on a new project entitled “Club Home,” which is part of Manotti da Vinci’s new Deep House/Trap EP dropping later this summer. While it’s a bit of a departure from Fischer’s other songs, it’s a welcome addition to my ears.

“Club Home” reels the listener into a mid-90s house jam session with Chance Fischer as the master of ceremonies. Synths spread like fireworks and glide the eardrum while a poppy percussion section makes tapping your feet inevitable.

The celestial sounds of Manotti eliminate all inhibitions as Chance lures his woman of interest to the dancefloor. It’s just the two of them, nestled in the center of the club breathing life into one another. They’re stuck in a moment – one they created and cherish in the now. They’ve found freedom in dance, in a trance-like state that deems reality an impostor. Now is the only time that matters. Now is the only moment.


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