Monday Music Roundup – July 14

ltgreatscottsLt and the Great Scotts is a four-piece folk soul band that focuses on creating original music inspired by a variety of genres. They just released their self-titled EP and will be playing on Saturday, July 19 at Isley Brewing Company.

chemistsDanny Bozella plays electronic ambient music under the name Chemists // 化学者 and recently released a new album entitled “Vision In Furs.” This is the kind of album that can whisk you away to a far away world of sound.

habitsLocal hip-hop duo HaBitS (which stands for “Hawk and Bez is the Smoothest”) has a new project out called “&thentherewasthi$.” Members Alex Hawkins and Jabez Wallace from Bowie, Maryland and Richmond, respectively, bring their backgrounds, dialects and outlooks together to form a bigger picture of hip hop that truly sends a message to the listeners.

colinandcaorlineColin Healy (of Colin Healy and the Jet Skis and Colin Healy, solo artist) started a new band with friend Caroline Mauck that’s called, naturally, Colin & Caroline. The two just released their first original single, “Fireflies,” which has a huge summer feel to it and will just remind you of nights of summer love and feeling free. Watch the video below.


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