Watch All of RVA’s Music Videos in One YouTube Playlist

youtubeIn a genius move, the amazing Tracy Wilson from Positive No and Little Black Cloud Records built a YouTube playlist for active music videos from Richmond bands.

It already has a bunch of great videos:

This is a great opportunity to showcase all of RVA’s music in one place. Plus, it’s a great idea for bars and music venues to use this playlist during service and between band changes. I know this would be perfect for places like Foo Dog and Sticky Rice, who are already showing videos on the walls.

Here’s the criteria to be on the list:

  1. The band must be from Richmond and currently still active. Surrounding counties are okay, but nothing outside that.
  2. The video must be an official band/song video. No live bootleg performances of shows.
  3. The video can be from the past few years, but nothing older than that. This supposed to be a current list of music videos.
  4. The video must already exist on YouTube.
  5. Nothing racist, sexist, homophobic or hate-based.

If you have a video that should be added, send a link to


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