A Recap and Thoughts on the Commonwealth of Notions Weekend

cmmnI should start off by saying I only attended 3/5 of the Commonwealth of Notions Presents Vol. 4 weekend extravaganza. I didn’t help that I attended four in-store performances, a special acoustic session and attempted to fit in two other additional shows on top of the already eventful weekend Shannon Cleary had planned. Even though I hit up everywhere I could, a guy crashes sooner or later.

But I will talk about the shows that I did attend, which included Night 2 at Strange Matter and Night 3 at Gallery 5.

First, I will have to say that Shannon Cleary picked the perfect bands to showcase this year. He does this with every year’s show, but something about this year’s lineup sparked a true look at Richmond’s thriving music scene. This was most evident at Strange Matter, where the bands were incredible (Clair Morgan, Hot Dolphin, Lightfields, Sundials and Avers were all on point), the show started on time (the was a huge deal for me), the crowd was enjoying themselves and it just seemed like the perfect night.

The Steady Sounds and Gallery 5 shows were also well done. And from what I heard, people really enjoyed themselves at the Balliceaux event and the “Live at Ipanema” show was packed. Congrats go out to Shannon Cleary for another great year of shows.

Please enjoy my poorly-lit, blurry concert photos.

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