Paul Watson Releases “My Secret Effect” at Balliceaux

paulwatsonPaul Watson, cornetist, guitarist, trumpet player, singer, composer, and songwriter is best known for his work with The Orthotonics and Sparklehorse, and currently plays with Brooklyn-based band And the Wiremen as well as Jonathan Vassar and the Speckled Bird.

He’s releasing a brand new album entitled “My Secret Effect” at Balliceaux on Sunday, Aug. 10.

The album defies classification, Watson plays with genres but is ruled by none. One can hear the blues, folk rock, art rock, gospel, jazz, noise pop– and even come up with better ones: garage gaze, tin pan shoe horn, impoverished improv, experimental cafe song –but all of it sounds like Paul Watson.

Traces are found to styles and quirks throughout Watson’s career. In fact, many of the players he’s worked with over the years perform their due diligence in supporting the songs. However, none these aspects are forced, they are the sensibilities and subtleties that make up Watson himself–his secret effect.


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