Monday Music Roundup – Aug. 11

bigal19-year-old Bigal Harrison, younger brother to hip hop performer Goldin Harrison, has released his sophomore album “YOUNG LEGEND.” Looks like the musical talent runs in the family. Bigal is going to make a name for himself as well.

0003370215_10Doc B. Wildman, the composer, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist for 1UPYO, produces EDM/IDM/Hip hop music on his latest album “∞ Mind.” It’s trippy and entertaining. Doc B. Wildman will be playing a show with the Richmond Electronic Collective on Tuesday, August 12 at The Camel.


yankeeOriginally from the Bronx, rapper and producer Y.A.N.K.E.E. made his way down south and began his efforts at production and engineering, which eventually lead him to meet Richmond rap veteran Noah-O and joining the Charged Up Enterprise. His new album “Ver•Sa•Tile” is out this week.


richpSo Proper Entertainment’s Rich P returns with another anthem titled, “GAF.” It has a catchy “I don’t give a f-” hook that will make any listener feel like a rebel in its presence.


Black Handpath has a new video out entitled “Paper Chase.”


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