The Standout Shows from Fall Line Fest

Well, Fall Line Fest is officially over and thankfully it did not leave me an exhausted mess like last year (yay for planning ahead of time! I knew that Beginner’s Guide I wrote would be good for something!).

I am so proud to have worked on this event and much credit goes out to the festival organizers, who are some of the most dedicated music lovers in Richmond. From what I experienced and from what I heard from others, this festival was a huge success from the different bands to the juried art show to the delicious brunch.

Probably the best part of the festival was the amount of different bands I got to see. I made sure give support to the local acts like Jonathan Vassar, Lobo Marino, HaBitS, Chance Fischer, Mighty Joshua and Sleepwalkers, I also made time to check out bands I hadn’t heard of before or those I had yet to see live.

Here are some of my favorite shows from this year’s Fall Line Fest:

matthewwhiteMATTHEW E. WHITE
I had seen White perform before but it was always part of some other jazz or funk group and it was usually in a crowded space like Balliceaux. This time, however, I got to sit and enjoy a strictly Matthew E. White show in the beautiful November Theatre (they need to do more music shows here). White’s sound was so well-honed and fun and it’s no surprise he’s received so many accolades.

This was the show I was most looking forward to seeing. Unfortunately, the rest of the Mary Onettes could not perform with lead singer Philip. “They’re bust wrestling ice bears in Sweden,” he joked. But just because he was alone on stage didn’t mean the show suffered. His performance was every bit as good as it could be. Also on the set was Swedish singer/songwriter Amanda Mair, who couldn’t have been nicer to the audience (“My EP will be at merch. And so will I!”) and her music was incredibly haunting but soothing.

I cannot believe the lyrical genius of Rapsody. I had heard her compared to acts like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, but Rapsody is in a whole other class all her own. She was spitting out rhymes like it was no big deal. So glad I decided to stop by her show.

I had heard good things about Landlady, but I was not prepared for what a fun show this was going to be. The band had such great chemistry onstage and the November Theatre was the perfect place for them to play. I love every minute of their set. I’m just glad they didn’t fall off the slanted stage (they joked that they were scared to bow).

This was the show that got most people excited – and rightfully so. These punks from Detroit didn’t disappoint with their 70s era punk songs.

It’s a shame this show started so early and many people could not experience it. Seamonster (aka Todd Webb) put on an incredible show of luscious sounds all created by one man. I found myself in a trance while he was playing.

kitheoryKI: THEORY
Holy crap. I didn’t know what I was in for when I stopped by the Broadberry for this electronic rock duo set. It was a spectacle of light and sound and I found myself immersed in the whole experience. The band’s haunting cover of “Stand By Me” was absolutely amazing.

Ki:Theory – Stand By Me

Of course, there were many shows I missed over the weekend. I heard many great things about The Hold Steady, Priests, Fairweather and many others. What was your favorite?


One thought on “The Standout Shows from Fall Line Fest

  1. nice coverage. i was hugely impressed with Avers. on a side note, i am pretty sure the guitarist from death was on my plane to atlanta today!

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