1UPYO Takes Listeners on a Sci-Fi Rock Tour Through Time and Space

1upyo1UPYO, the virtual time-travelling rock band based in Richmond, released its debut full-length album, “Bye Time” at the beginning of September. It features a variety of Virginia artists including Keller Williams, Schiavone McGee of Fighting Gravity, Pandemic of Gritty City Records and many others.

“Bye Time” is a concept album that “examines the paradoxes surrounding time, the construct that enslaves us, and yet our greatest gift.” It’s a weird and interesting concept for a band, but 1UPYO makes it work perfectly. The group has a very eclectic sound that fuses a variety of genres including disco, modern rock, hip-hop, jazz, and EDM.

And with a group of musicians that comes from various dimensions of time, space and consciousness, it’s no surprise that influences would come from all over creation. The elements of science fiction blend in perfectly with the music. They even have a comic based on their adventures!


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