Ray LaMontagne Delights Fans at Altria Theater

photoThe re-opening of the newly-renovated Altria Theater (formerly the Landmark and before that the Mosque) was a sight to behold as crowds came in to see singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne perform.

Opening the show was The Belle Brigade from Los Angeles. They were excited to play this show since their keyboard player Tyler grew up in Richmond. “Tyler quickly became one of my favorite people so thanks Richmond for making him!” singer/drummer Barbara Gruska said to many cheers. The band’s music was full of bubbly cheer and I really wanted to dance along (which was hard in a seated venue) but that didn’t stop me from doing so.

Later, Ray LaMontagne came out to many cheers from the crowd as he delved into his repertoire of somber tunes. He played a number of tracks from his new album “Supernova” as well as a couple of fan favorites. I was more fixated on the impressive lightshow playing behind the band and found it hard to keep eyes from following it. Listening to Ray LaMontagne was like like drifitng through a world of sound. Everything was ambient but still engaging. And the fans were loving every minute of it.

I’m hoping to see Ray come back to Richmond sometime soon.


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