New Video from Various Eggs – “Don’t Call Me Honey”

Local art-rock band Various Eggs has released a fun video for the group’s recently released song “Don’t Call Me Honey,” the latest single from the band’s follow up to its first release, a mini album called “Don’t Expect Much From Others,” which just passed the one year anniversary of its release in November.

The inspiration for the music video came from Ingrid Thulin from “Cries and Whispers” according to member LJ Rafalko. “I haven’t seen the movie in a really long time and, honestly, I could be remembering it all wrong. But, what stuck with me from it were the formality of Ingrid Thulin’s attire and numerous lingering shots of her and Liv Ullmann just simply staring at the screen. Their gaze seemed to say, ‘you, as a viewer of this little drama, don’t/can’t/won’t ever know what we are thinking.'”

The video was filmed on Black Friday and features drummer Tricia Kupec and singer Julie Bosak.


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