Spacebomb Brings Alondra Bentley to RVA for New Album

ALONDRA-BENTLEYSinger/songwriter Alondra Bentley is coming to Richmond from her home in Spain to record her new album at Spacebomb Studios. While she’s here recording, Alondra will be performing a free show at Balliceaux on Monday, Jan. 5.

I caught up with her as she prepares to spend some time here on her new record.

What brought you from Spain to Richmond? How did you get together with Spacebomb?
I clearly remember listening to Mathew E White’s ‘Big Inner’ for the first time and thinking ‘there’s something extraordinarily unique going on with this guy’s way of making music.’ I searched through the album credits and read about Spacebomb community in Richmond. I can’t think of a better scenario to record an album. I met Matthew when he was playing in Spain and offered to open for him so that we could have the chance to meet and talk about the possibility of him producing my next album. It all worked out nicely.

What are you looking forward to working with them?
The whole Spacebomb team feels like a warm and welcoming family and that’s very important for me but the main reason is obvious; they’re amazing musicians, I was amazed when I saw them playing together in Madrid.

What are you hoping to do with your new record?
I think my songs will grow and shine in a unique way with the Spacebomb production. Matthew has a gift for choosing the right elements that will make a song expand in a fantastic, unusual way. I’m thrilled to be working with a team like this.

Will you be exploring Richmond much while you’re here?
The recording schedule is gonna be pretty tight. There will be a lot happening in just two weeks so I won’t have all the time I would like to explore Richmond. It really is a beautiful place, we only just arrived yesterday night, I’ve gone for a couple of walks today and really loved what I’ve seen.

What are your plans after this record is done?
I’ll definitely be touring with the album in Europe, maybe go back to Asia and South America where I’ve played in the past; but I would love to play in the States, it’s an uncharted territory for me, I’ve always wanted to tour here.


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