RVA Playlist Road Trip: Music Outside Richmond

While this site mainly focuses on the Richmond music scene, I always wonder what other music scenes across Virginia are like. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests from bands and artists outside of Richmond, so I figure a music road trip is definitely worth it.

luxnovaLux Nova is from Norfolk, Virginia and produces indie pop that is “enigmatic heartbreak and self-discovery by way of melodious and whimsical electronic pulses.” They just released their newest single “Blue Dice” last month.
The band features Joe Hamm and Nate Fender, from Chasing Arrows; Kelsie McNair, who is from With Lavender & Lace and Lizzy Paluszek, most recently from the Janks.


ixraThe Ix-Ra Divide comes from Williamsburg, Virginia and recently released a 4-track instrumental EP full of trippy ambient beats that’s hard to stop listening to on repeat.


induhgoFrom the Woodbridge area in Northern Virginia comes Induhgo, who offers experimental hip hop and electronic beats. Induhgo is currently collaborating with Richmond artist Josefina under the name PRZMViolet. They represent positivity and venturing out to doing what they want to do and not be constrained to societal norms.


liquidLiQUiD is an emcee and music producer from Virginia Beach and just released a mixtape of all original music titled, “Feel Free.” The mixtape compilation is music LiQUiD has been a part of, including songs he’s produced myself and some with special guests. “Feel Free” was made to both “charm and assault listeners lyrically and challenge the sound of culture.”


2barsAlso from Virginia Beach, Americana rock ‘n roll outfit Two Bars From The Gun will be performing on Saturday, Feb. 6 at Virginia Beach’s Belmont House of Smoke to properly celebrate the release of the group’s newest album “Thief & Love.”


set to sailPop punk outfit Set To Sail is based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and currently playing out in support of their recently released EP, “Filled With Gaps,” which was recorded with Pedro Aida of Detached Sound (River City High, Roslyn, Ann Beretta). The band will be performing on Tuesday, Jan. 13 at the Canal Club opening for Carousel Kings, where they’ll be giving out free copies of their EP. They’ll also be performing at the Grog and Tankard in Stafford on Jan. 19.

Looks like I’ll be driving all over the state to catch good music this year.


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