Yonatan Gat at Strange Matter

Yonatan-Gat-Photo-by-Adam-PW-SmithMaster guitarist Yonatan Gat is bringing his unpredictable raucous live show to Strange Matter on Jan. 23. He’ll be out in support of his new album, “Director,” out March 3 on Joyful Noise Recordings.

Yonatan Gat (Monotonix) and his band are doing something you will not see anywhere else. The power trio sets up on the floor of every venue, from giant clubs to basements, playing intricate punk inspired improvisation sets that channel everything from Afrobeat grooves to Middle Eastern folk melodies to straight up rock n’ roll, surf and 20th century avant-garde, sometimes all within the span of one song – weaving the global smattering of styles seamlessly together like the great jazz musicians of the ‘60s. Gat’s wildly inventive, reverb-drenched guitar offensive takes simultaneous lead and rhythm duties, backed by Gal Lazer’s hard-hitting African-inspired grooves, and Sergio Sayeg’s (of Brazilian garage rockers Garotas Suecas) pumping bass.


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