Wednesday Music Roundup: Chance Fischer, Jackson Ward, Manotti da Vinci, Red States, Vince Kane and the Incurables

I usually post these on Mondays, but life gets in the way sometimes. No matter, I’m still sharing great local music with you.

redstatesRed States has a brand new music video out for “And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note,” which was filmed at the Camel.


vinceVince Kane and the Incurables’ album “A New Concrete” was released on all major outlets this week. People are finally noticing how good these guys are and “A New Conrete” being out there only solidifies it.


Manotti da VinciEighteenth Street Lounge DJ/Producer, Ursula 1000, remixed RVA based DJ/Producer, Manotti da Vinci‘s song, “Club Home” and it’s incredibly addictive.


jacksonwardCountry band Jackson Ward (who do not live in Jackson Ward to my knowledge) has headlined many local venues and even pushed their fan base into surrounding states with sellout crowds in NC, DC, TN and Maryland. They regularly play at Sharky’s and Cullens Cove and recently released their brand new album “Goodbye Trouble.”

Jackson Ward – I’m All In


STACCATOThis week, Chance Fischer released a new song from his upcoming project “WREATH” called “STACCATO.” Much like the sharp and piercing sounds in staccato music, Chance Fischer brings this concept to life through the music, as he draws a metaphoric line in the sand between obstacles and success.


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