GlobeHopper Coffee Shop and Music Venue to Close

1392504622269One of Richmond’s best coffee shops/music venues GlobeHopper Coffee is closing its doors.

Today, the shop posted a goodbye letter on its website, which reads in part:

No one is ever ready to face this moment.

Significant changes in life circumstances since opening in February, 2008 have prompted us to exit at this time. This decision was especially difficult to make given that GlobeHopper is so much more than a coffee house, it’s part of our identity. The relationships amongst the team, and with those served, have made this community staple feel more like our family. It’s been a familiar comfort, and source of pride over these past seven years.

This is very sad news. GlobeHopper was a great place to hang with friends, get a hot cup of coffee and catch some great local and regional music. The acts GlobeHopper brought in were some of the best I’ve seen. Ones I remember fondly include Jonathan Vassar, Psalmships, Colloquial Orchestra, Finer, the Whispering Tree, Jeff Ruby and many more.

They also had the best music sharing system with the Mixtape CD Locker Exchange, which I visited frequently.

GlobeHopper Coffee’s last day is Feb. 28.


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