The Traveler Series Debuts at Balliceaux

travelersThe Richmanian Ramblers host a brand new music series called “The Travelers Series” starting Tuesday, March 31 at Balliceaux.

The Traveler Series is an early evening event hosted by Richmanian Ramblers that celebrates music and traditions that have traveled through space and time to expand the bandwidth of our ears and hearts in Richmond. There will be featured food or drink, an artist conversation, and maybe a monkey.

The first episode features Miramar, who brings their Bolero sound. Bolero is a slow-tempo, romantic Cuban-origin music that made its way to Puerto Rico by the 1930s (which was the same time period that most Richmanian Ramblers songs were becoming popularized). Rei Alvarez of Miramar would be influenced by Bolero music while raised in Puerto Rico, and bring Bolero to life in Richmond.

Stick around after Miramar for more Bolero jams as Miramar’s Rei Alvarez hits play to give the evening a graceful exit.

More info on the Facebook event.


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