The Donkeys at Strange Matter

donkeysOn “Ride the Black Wave,” California indie rock act The Donkeys continue their easy rolling, classic vibrations, but add a compelling mix of sounds that has hypnotized me with their mellow tunes.

Recorded at San Diego’s Singing Serpent and mixed by LA’s Thom Monahan,
the Telecasters have a golden shimmer, the drums seem to echo with a regional
reverberation. The notes coming off the Rhodes float on like beer-buzzed
afternoons, but just when you get lost in the hypnotic swirl of “Sunny Daze” the
churning guitars begin to circle like sharks, reminding us of the realities beneath all
beautiful surfaces. Ten tracks deep, Adrianne Verhoeven of San Francisco’s Extra
Classic appears like the mythic Calafia herself, delivering a vocal that would bring
Cortez to his knees.

The Donkeys will be performing at Strange Matter on Sunday, May 4 with Nic Perea and Headless Mantis.


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