Richmond Rock Lotto Returns

rocklottoThe Richmond Rock Lotto tradition is back!

Many of Richmond’s finest musicians are joining together to form five bands. The names were thrown in a hat and randomly drawn into groups of 4-5 members and given around three weeks to put together a 15-20 minute set.

Join hosts Patty Conway (Girls Rock RVA!) and Marty Key (Steady Sounds) at Gallery 5 on Friday, May 29 for a fun night of new music from your favorite RVA bands. This edition will benefit Girls Rock RVA.

The bands include:

+ DJ CHARLY MANSON + Special Guests

Featuring current and ex-members of: The Animal Frights, Aural Exile, Bad Magic, BSK, Carseat Headrest, The Catalyst, Caves Caverns, Christi, Clair Morgan, Classically Ignorant, Cold Lovers, Comfort, Dada Gouche, Daggering, Decide By Friday, The Diamond Center, Everyone Dies in the End, Facade Burned Black, Golden Toad Orgy, Goo, Hoax Hunters, Hot Dolphin, Industry Standard, Katie Wood, Kommunion, Lady God, Lord By Fire, Murderess, My War, OTBS, Pillars of Smoke, Puddin Pops, Pull Out, Ratmeat, Real Talk, Regulator, Satyress, Scoughs, The So Confused, Soft Time, Stay Alive, Tanks, Theria, Thieves of Shiloh, Ultra Flake, Uncle Drunk, Various Eggs, Wood Face and many many more!


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