Goldrush Releases New Album “Summer Sun” at Gallery 5

goldrushThe ever-talented Richmond indie pop band, Goldrush, will release its new album “Summer Sun” at Gallery5 on Sept. 25. This album comes with a special sun dial designed by local artist Sara Gossett. To celebrate the many good people that help with these situations proceeds from sales of this release will go to a victims of violence fund.

Many of the songs on “Summer Sun” are directly influenced by a violent attack on songwriter Prabir Mehta last year as well as the strengthening of friendships and the love and support of a community following the assault. These songs were all composed during his physical recovery and court cases which consumed the better part of this year. Mehta says this album is the most upbeat group of songs the band has ever worked on and reflects the positive nature of people while facing a painful situation.

From Goldrush:

“The Assault On August 14, 2014” goes through the steps of the violent attack while “Thank You” is a short explosion of love for the friends, family, and community that come together to help others that are going through hard times. “Leash” is the mind meandering while laying down and recovering for the better part of three months. The band manages to put their trademark science influence in by addressing the issues of astronomy verses astrology (“The Ballad Of A Skeptical Pieces”). There’s even a song which documents the entirety of human evolution, starting with the first time humanity came into existence to this moment in time where hierarchy and crime are an accepted part of living.



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