Bully Coming to Strange Matter

bullyFollowing the release of its much-lauded debut album “Feels Like” and raved-about festival appearances at Lollapalooza and Pitchfork Festival, Nashville four piece Bully is on its first-ever headlining tour, including a Richmond date at Strange Matter on Friday, Oct. 2 with HEAT and Dead Soft.

Bully is fronted by producer/engineer Alicia Bognanno. Bully recorded Feels Like at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, a place where Bognanno formerly interned and learned how to record analog, engineer and mix to tape- all of which she did for this debut. Often compared to many 90’s mainstay’s Bully is known for its grunge-rock sensibilities. The band is Stewart Copeland on drums, Clayton Parker on guitar and Reece Lazarus on bass with Bognanno’s powerhouse screech up front- a “full body, throat-scraping, soul-cleansing scream,” as Pitchfork describes it. Feels Like is full of uncomfortable topics relayed through Bognanno’s confessional songwriting style. “With Bognanno’s unflinching honesty at the forefront of her band’s power pop blasts, its no wonder Bully grabbed attention,” said Pitchfork. The ten tracks cover break ups, missed period’s, puking in cars and most experiences quintessential to one’s youth. Somehow Bognanno conveys both an irreverence and sentimentality for her history – the emotional chasm that most feel when they look back on their adolescence.

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