Radio Rubber Room presents Jet Trails Media Launch Party at the Camel

jettrailsJet Trails Media is a brand new promotion and marketing agency in Richmond with the goal of taking our city to the next level on the national music radar. Carly Shields, Jameson Babb, Chanelle Vigue, and Billy Wallace will be working with artists from show promotion, booking, marketing, and tour managing.

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Jet Trails Media will be holding an official launch party at The Camel, in conjunction with Radio Rubber Room’s new every-other-Wednesday residency. Some of the best musicians in Richmond will be playing – Lucy Dacus, Dalton Dash, BANDREW and Jouwala Collective┬áplus special surprise guests.




One thought on “Radio Rubber Room presents Jet Trails Media Launch Party at the Camel

  1. Are you guys really promoting a third party Promoter? Why does any band or artist need someone to do these things for them and lose money that isn’t around for new musicians? All I see here are people that post and go to shows taking money from new local artists to do things, that those artists can do them selves, and already have access to. And here we have Radio Rubber Room Shamelessly promoting another buisness venture with its own people. This is Highway Robbery and we WON’T let it stand in our scene. Cease and Desist at once you Vile Souless individuals

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