Orbital Music Park Connects Local Musicians


Last weekend, I had the chance to get a sneak peek of Orbital Music Park, a new co-working space for musicians looking to connect with fellow music makers and develop partnerships to fuel new projects.

The sneak peek party featured live performances by Shakedown, the 380th Army Reserve Band, tours and demos of the work spaces, and some amazing snacks!


The mission behind Orbital Music Park is to be an inclusive, welcoming place for musicians to connect, make friends, and strength the area’s music community.

All memberships include access to affordable and comfortable rehearsal spaces, an instrument library that includes guitars, synthesizers and more, a private online community, musician match events, and private jam sessions with members of the Orbital staff.

Orbital Music Park will officially open in February 2019. If I were a musician, I’d be all over this. But maybe they’ll just let me come in and listen.

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