Lucy Dacus Releases Holiday Single “La Vie En Rose”

lucydacus-lavieenroseAs if Richmond music star Lucy Dacus wasn’t doing enough with her phenomenal 2018 record “Historian” (which made my favorite albums of 2018 list) and her collaboration with Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers in the supergroup boygenius, she’s back with an incredible cover of the classic Édith Piaf song “La Vie En Rose.”

The song is a part of Dacus’ upcoming holiday-related song series, which will consist of original songs and covers that correspond to specific holidays. “La Vie En Rose” is in honor of Valentine’s Day. Other holiday songs will include ones for Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Springsteen’s Birthday, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s.

Listen to “La Vie En Rose” below.

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