Gold Connections Releases New Single “Like A Shadow” from Upcoming EP

goldconnectionsCharlottesville, VA based band Gold Connections will release its new EP “Like A Shadow,” on March 1 on EggHunt Records. But luckily, we don’t have to wait an entire month to hear some of it because the band released the EP’s title track today.

Gold Connections – the project of songwriter Will Marsh – influences range from 70s power pop from bands like Cheap Trick and Big Star early 2000s indie rock like Built to Spill and Modest Mouse.

According to Will Marsh, he wrote these songs at the beginning of a strange and turbulent period in his life­­ that included his graduation, the election of a new president, the end of a relationship, and the fulfillment of his lifelong dream to record a studio album (2018’s “Popular Fiction” – which is really good and I’m bummed I didn’t discover it sooner).

“Reality was shaken and the range of possibilities was shifting. Like A Shadow, and especially its single of the same name, is about the struggle to move forward into a world that seems both infinitely precarious and abundant,” Marsh says. “It’s EP on aftermath, written through a mixture of fear, melancholy, and lust for life.”

“While I had the same studio team as Popular Fiction­­­, this is the first time I’ve recorded with the folks I also tour with. I wasn’t experimenting with college friends, or nailing it down with hired guns, but playing in my own band.  We were able to evoke the grittier lyrical themes with our weathered camaraderie and live energy. On that note, this is also the first release that I’ve personally mixed and which features a track produced and performed entirely on my own, “Turn.” The first three were tracked on the summer solstice and “Turn” was recorded during a winter writing retreat as the EP’s capstone. It concludes the turmoil and nostalgia with a final decision to keep on turning––as an artist and an individual.”

If the rest of “Like a Shadow” is anywhere near as good as the title track, I’ll be quickly grabbing this EP on its March 1 release.


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