Spacebomb Revue Takes SXSW by Storm


I got to experience a music lover’s dream by heading down to Austin to experience the insanity that is South by Southwest.

Spacebomb was kind enough to invite me to work with them on the Spacebomb Records and Virginia is for Music Lovers presents: The Spacebomb Revue featuring the musical talents of Andy Jenkins, Angelica Garcia, Bedouine, Jackie Cohen, Lola Kirke, and Sleepwalkers, all backed by the Spacebomb House Band.

A non-stop crowd packed Antone’s Nightclub all night and the music of Virginia was well represented by Spacebomb. I talked with so many people who didn’t realize Richmond had such a rich music scene and decide to make trips down there to experience it. It always fills me with joy talking to people about my hometown’s music community and this trip allowed me to do that on a national scale.

A huge thank you to Spacebomb for letting me have this opportunity.

Some photos of the night’s activities are below.








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