About RVA Playlist


RVA Playlist started in early 2010 from the ashes of the now-defunct music blog Circles of Concrete and showcases events, concerts, CD and show reviews and opinion pieces that focus on the vibrant local music scene in Richmond, Virginia.




About the Founder/Editor

headshotA certified music nut, Andrew Cothern is the founder and editor of RVA Playlist. A media professional who has written for nearly every local news outlet, Cothern’s credits include Music Editor for Richmond.com, Calendar Editor and Local Music Writer for Style Weekly, Music Columnist for River City Rapids. He has also written for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, RVA Magazine, WRIC 8NewsVirginia BusinessThe Richmond SceneGayRVA and national outlet Virgin Atlantic. He loves discovering new music and will gladly make you a mixtape if you ask him. He may even make you two.


If you want to be considered for coverage, submit your music, shows, events, etc. to rvaplaylist@gmail.com or find RVA Playlist on Facebook and Twitter at @rvaplaylist.

Other Work
The Lagomorph – Vol. 6 (1/6/14)
The Lagomorph – Vol. 5 (1/2/13)
The Lagomorph — Vol. 4 (12/27/11)
The Lagomorph — Vol. 3 (12/31/10)

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