Hi, I’m Andrew Cothern, otherwise known as “RVA Playlist.” You might remember me from such media outlets like the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Style Weekly, RVANews and countless other random places where I covered Richmond, Virginia’s incredible music scene.

I also blogged about music for nearly a decade, covered Richmond music extensively, and even threw some amazing anniversary parties before calling it quits. I took some time away to cultivate my vinyl collection, do some traveling, and binge-watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine before coming back to music blogging after a long hiatus.

I also enjoy comics, British game shows, making mixtapes, and showing unconditional love to your dogs.

You’re here because you like Richmond’s music scene too (or you’re a musician wanting to contact me to write about your music, don’t lie…) and want to see what our fair city has to offer. If you’re not familiar with Richmond’s music scene, give us a chance. We’re pretty cool sometimes.


Will you write about our band?
Sure! I mean, maybe… Are you from Richmond, Virginia or touring through here? Then most likely. I might also just share random music that I’m into.

What if we’re not from RVA or touring through?
Get here! This city is great! Hit me up for recommendations.

Will this be an all-encompassing look at Richmond music?
God, no. There’s no way I cover all that. I’ll write about what I like and things I think you should check out. I highly recommend The Auricular, You Hear That and The Cheats Movement if you want more Richmond coverage.

Can we add you to our newsletter where we’ll spam you constantly?
Please keep the spamming to a minimum.

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Send me your music, news, or words of encouragement here.

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