Cotton Jones and Mittenfields Both Performing Tonight

Never let it be said that Richmond never has any good shows going on. And when it rains, it pours apparently. Not only will Switchfoot and Airborne Toxic Event be performing tonight, there are even more shows to check out.

First up, Cotton Jones makes his way to the Camel and this promises to be full of some of the best folk-infused indie pop I’ve heard recently. After listening to his latest releases “Tall Hours in the Glowstream” and “Sit By Your Vegetables,” I’ve been hooked on singer Michael Nau’s haunting vocals and luscious melodies. Cotton Jones performs a the Camel with the ever-popular Diamond Center, who also never disappoints.

Cotton Jones – Somehow To Keep It Going

Cotton Jones – Glorylight and Christie

Also on deck is DC-based band Mittenfields, who will be playing its densely layered guitar-driven rock for fans of shoegaze noise. Those who love the National or the Editors will feel right at home listening to Mittenfields.

They’ll be playing at the Republic (an odd choice of venues but always fun seeing something different) with local favorites The Snowy Owls, who will also be offering up some exciting fuzzy laden rock. Oh, and this show’s free, which is always a great reason to check out a band.

Mittenfields – My Mind Is An Avalanche

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