The Cosby Band


After years of playing separately, brothers Chris and Chip Cosby joined to combine their talents with a new group simply called Cosby. I’ve been a fans of both Cosby brothers in their various music project and am equally excited to hear what they can do together.

Contributing each of their influences of 80’s synth and pop with modern indie dance, Brit-pop and chillwave, Cosby soon found that they could combine their similar tastes and musical abilities to create something new, albeit with a twist: a melding of relative musical experience and their relative bloodlines.

The culmination, along with drummer Josh Santamaria, was their debut album, “IN FLIGHT”– released in the summer of 2013. This debut album by the band provides a luscious blend of dream pop aesthetics, indie dance/synth, and progressive textures. Cosby is that band that brings a sound of familiarity, but refreshing take on the music that keeps you returning and begging for more.


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